Friday, November 27, 2009

Stowe Vermont -- Second Post

The day before I left Vermont, Kevin and Jericho had to work all day. I worked on the agate book research in the morning, and headed out hiking with their dog, Quincy, in the afternoon. There is a pass between the two mountain ranges located adjacent to the Stowe Ski resort. In the winter, the road is closed to "Smugglers Notch" so it provided a great opportunity to hike. We did a little hiking on some o the side trails, but they were icy and steep, so for the most part we stayed on the road. Even the road was steep!

After the hike, I walked around downtown. It is a quaint village wherein most of the buildings are between 100 and 200 years old. Don't look for any chain stores or fast food places in Stowe -- they don't exist. My daughter-in-law works in Marketing at the Green Mountain Inn. When you drive around Stowe, it is clear that it is a tourist-related town. There are inns and bed and breakfast establishments everywhere, but very few motels. Vermont is also known for its covered bridges. The one pictured is right downtown.

The last morning, we went on my fifth hike in 4 days. We hiked up the Peek-a-boo trail. A few minutes after we left the car, we saw a large moose in the trail, around 80 feet in front of us. There was a curve in the trail, so we didn't get a great view through the trees -- but he was big! Since we had the dog with us and you have to be careful with moose anyway, we stopped until he sauntered off. Here is the view from the top of the trail. At the top, there were swings and benches, which provides hikers a nice way to enjoy the view.

The final shot I took at the airport in Burlington, located around 40 miles west of Stowe. You can see the profile of a face. The highest point to the left is the highest point in Vermont: the chin. To the right of that is the nose and the forehead. The view from the airport doesn't allow you to see the profile as well as you can from Stowe, but you can still make it out. All in all, it was a great first trip to Vermont, and a terrific visit with Kevin, Jericho, and Quincy.

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