Saturday, April 17, 2021

More Grandson Baseball Photos

I stayed down state longer than originally expected so I could attend a baseball tournament my grandson's travel team was in. They played on a turf field in Wixom. On Saturday, Keenen's team won the first game and then was lost the second. They had to play the same team they lost to on Sunday -- and beat them in extra innings. Unfortunately, they lost in the championship game, but still earned second place.!

Friday, April 16, 2021

Grandson's Baseball Game

One of the main reasons I went downstate last week was to attend my grandson's baseball games. I am Grandma Coach and have been helping Keenen develop his skills since he could walk. It was amazing to see how well he plays.

We were the first to get to the field, so father and son warmed up.

This was actually a scrimmage game to prepare for a tournament the next weekend. Keenen was the starting pitcher.

He also played catcher and shortstop. It was so much fun to watch him play!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Detroit Tiger Game

While I was down state last week I attended my second Tiger's baseball game at Comerica Park. It rained most of the hour drive to the stadium, but we decided to go anyway. There are so few people allowed into the game due to Covid protocol, so we were able to find free street parking around two blocks from the stadium. 

During our walk to the stadium and the 15 minutes we had to wait in line to get in, the rain held off. 

Fans are not allowed to go into the stadium until 90 minutes before game time. We walked around the stadium. My son and grandson walked up and down steps looking for baseballs.

While they were looking for baseballs, an usher spotted them and gifted my grandson with a ball!

Jess's shoes.....

The game start was delayed from 1:10 to 2:00 due to the rain.

Finally they took off the tarp.

In the corner of our section, Jonathan and Keenen went down to watch Minnesota's starting pitcher. Jonathan asked the pitching coach if they could have a baseball.

Sure enough, the pitching coach threw them a ball!

Both Jonathan and Keened got their first baseballs ever at a Tiger's game.

Our section of seating.....

The Tiger's starting pitcher did not do so well.....

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Kensington Farm Center

I arrived home yesterday after spending a little over a week down state visiting family and friends. We had mostly beautiful weather with lots of sunshine and temperatures as high as the upper 70s! The first full day I was down state visiting my youngest son and his family. The first full day I was there we visited Kensington Metro Park and went to the farm center.