Tuesday, January 9, 2018

First big winter outing and picnic

Yesterday temperatures finally were in the 20s, so friends, Jamey and Lois, and I decided to head out for our first winter outing.  East of town we snowshoed in over an hour and found a place along a river where we found a downed log we could sit on.  It was not easy to collect enough dry wood, since most of it was buried under three feet of snow, but we managed.  On the menu was soup, Italian sausage, hard boiled eggs, and carrots.  The dogs also enjoyed it very much.  It was Beaver's first big winter outing (he is 11 months old).  In total we were out for six hours!  Thanks for a wonderful day.

Heading out....

Beaver really liked the deep snow!

Pictures along the way...

Parts of the route were not easy!

You can see the river in the background.  We set up on a bank above the river.

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