Thursday, December 13, 2018

First Draft of New Book is Done!

I am happy to report the first draft of my new book is done!  Thanks to my sister, Diana, for submitting the winning book title.

This book is intended for beginning rock hounds who want to learn more about geology and rocks.  General information about Earth science is included as are innovative graphics which explain concepts in as simplest terms possible.  

The book features seventeen learning activities and exercises to help readers test their knowledge and understanding.  The pages are laminated in a material compatible with dry erase markers so the exercises can be done over and over again.

The Table of Contents for the book is below.

Table of Contents
Earth and its Layers
   Earth Layer Exercise I
   Earth Layer Exercise II
Earth’s Geologic Time Scale
   Geologic Time Scale Exercise
   Key Event Exercise
Plate Tectonics
   Plate Tectonics Exercise
   Continental Drift Exercise
   Earthquake Drawing Exercise
   Richter Scale Exercise
   Mountain Information Quiz
From Atoms to Rocks
   Levels of Matter Exercise
   Rock Categories Exercise
Igneous Rocks
   Igneous Rock Mineral Grain Identification Exercise
   Igneous Rock True or False Exercise
Sedimentary Rocks
   Sedimentary Rock Examples Exercise
   Grain Size Exercise
Metamorphic Rocks
   Metamorphic Rock Examples Exercise
The Rock Cycle
Activity and Exercise Answer Key  

Thanks to everyone who have been supportive of this project!

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