Saturday, May 2, 2020

Back Road drive

Yesterday my local golf course opened. My friends had their own golf cart, so they were allowed to use it. I do not have a regular golf cart, and since we are not yet allowed to rent carts due the Covid-19 restrictions -- I walked the course using a pull cart. It was the first time in decades I walked a golf course. I played the front nine with my friends, and then golfed the front nine again by myself hitting two balls to practice. Having not played for six weeks, my swing was a bit rusty. Newberry Country Club is quite hilly, so I will admit I was exhausted!. My golf watch kept track of miles. I walked seven miles during the round. I drove the back roads home and captured a few photographs.

There was still snow in spots on the north facing slopes.

The water table was high everywhere.

The spring peepers were out and very loud.

Sucker River..

A week ago the snow pile in front of the museum was four feet high.  Temperatures yesterday were in the 60s, so there is not much snow left!

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