Sunday, July 26, 2009

Reunion Time in Grand Marais

Saturday July 25th was a big day in Grand Marais. First, at noon there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the new post office museum, located on main street. Last year, the people who bought the property on which the old post office was located decided to donate the rare 5-sided building to the Grand Marais Historical Society. The group paid to have the building moved down to main street. It was placed onto a new foundation and the building was renovated. This year, the historical society outfitted the building with graphics that trace the town's history. For any of you history buffs, there are now 4 museums in town including the 3 run by the historical society and the Gitche Gumee Museum. Congratulations to the historical society for a job well done!

The front of the post office museum features information about all the postmasters who have served in Grand Marais. Alfreda Mulligan served the longest by far, from 1917 until 1956. Probably not a coincidence, the Mulligan family had a family reunion in Grand Marais today (Sunday). From what I hear, there were over 150 family members in attendance. Below are some of the photos i took at the ceremony and open house for this newest museum

Later on Saturday, Burt Township School in Grand Marais held an all-class 80 year reunion. Although I did not attend school here (I was just a summer kid), I went to the dance to represent my family since my grandmother and mother (both deceased) and my two kids all graduated here. Unfortunately, neither of my sons could attend, but I did get to spend time with my uncle and aunt (Lynne and Doug Kane). I was not able to go to any of the festivities at the school since I was working at the museum most of the day. Approximately 200 people attended the reunion. Below are a few of the photos I took at the dance.

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