Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Grand Marais Winter Scenes

First of all, I need to vent about technology and invasion of privacy.  Most reading this post have been following my blog for at least a little while.  I used to have to upload photos one by one.  In the last year, I started using Picasa Web Albums, which allowed me to upload batches of photos at a time.  This has saved me tons of energy and time.  Two days ago, Google changed the software.  It no longer allowed me to batch upload.  Instead, Google forced me to download their Picasa 3 software.  I tried to search the internet to see if this is safe, since my Malware software issued several warnings.  I was not able to determine for sure if it is safe, but I decided to download the software anyway.  Now Google is taking all of my pictures from my computer and uploading them somewhere.  I labeled them for my use only, but who knows what Google will do with them.  I also don't know what secret access Google now has with my computer and my photos.  If anyone knows about the recent changes with Picasa Web Albums and Picasa 3 software, please send me an email to Karen@agatelady.com.  At least I am able to batch upload the photos again.

Yesterday I started feeling a little better.  I had to go to town to mail several packages.  Although I don't feel strong enough yet to go out and ski or snowshoe, I did drive around and get a few photos.

We have so much snow so early, that my snow plow service has already had to use its front end loader.  Here is the area they plow out between my garage and outbuilding.

My front yard with a huge snow drift....

The snow in the woods is deep!

I drove out to the end of Coast Guard Point and took a few photos of the channel.

Then I went over to the boardwalk/front porch....

I caught a photo of the snowplow truck on my way home.

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