Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Winter Beach Ski

I had so much fun skiing the winter beach the other night that last evening I did it again.  I skied from Agate Beach past First Creek, plus I took my skies off and explored the shoreline.  It was sunny with no wind , temperature around 25, and beautiful.

The picture below shows how far to the southwest the sun is setting these days.

An ice shelf has formed around 15 feet up the beach.

The photo below was taken looking south toward the main steps in Woodland Park.

I spotted a beach walker way down the beach to the west and used my camera's zoom to get a photo.

There were patches of ice that have "cracked up."

The teepee still stands.

First Creek....

Notice how different the picture below is from the one above.  With the sunset, there was color to the northeast as sometimes happens with the bending of light from the atmosphere.

My ski trail at the bottom of the bluff...

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