Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dunes hike and beach sunset

Yesterday I went on a hike for a couple of hours.  I planned the timing so I could capture sunset.  I hiked into the dunes from the Sable Falls parking lot.  When I arrived at the bluff looking over Lake Superior, I was amazed at how the shelf ice had changed in just three days.  All the rain as well as waved reduced the shelf ice by at least 75 percent.  In the next week the beach should be ice free.

Notice the ice has melted off the bridge.

The shelf ice is mostly gone.

The reduction of the shelf ice is evident by the floating ice balls to the left of what remains of the shelf ice.  To the right are stones on the beach.

From Sable Falls I drove over to Woodland Park to get some sunset photos.

Once I hiked down the steps to the edge of the shelf ice, I noticed the waves were splashing against the ice.

There is still snow and ice at the bottom of the bluff.

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