Sunday, May 5, 2019

Log Slide changes and more dunes hikes

Hiking continued this week.  When I returned from Marquette, I drove H58 between Munising and Grand Marais.  I drove into Twelvemile Beach Campground, but snow did allow me to drive all the way into the campground.  Next, I drove into the Log Slide.  I was surprised to find out that the fence to the old platform area has been taken down, and the remainder of the boardwalk and platform are gone!  If you venture there, be careful along the bluff.  The erosion and bluff cave ins are worse than I have ever seen.  Nearly all the snow in the dunes has melted, but there is still snow in the woods.
The above photo shows where part of the fence has been removed at the Log Slide.

The remainder of the boardwalk that attached to where the platform collapsed a few years ago.

Lots of erosion -- if you visit the Log Slide, stay safe and keep away from the edge of the bluff.

A passing freighter...

Another dunes hike...

Still another dunes hike.  My destination is marked by the red arrow.

When I reached the target dune, I took a photo of the starting place (once I reached the dunes from the Sable Falls area).

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