Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Incredible Beach Ski

Jamey, Lois, and I have decided that we love skiing the beach.  It was a bit more challenging yesterday since we had a thaw with temperatures in the mid 30s, which resulted in soft snow.  We not only went skiing anyway, we skied down the beach all the way to the second teepee located most of the way to Sable River.

The waves yesterday started to break up the shore ice....

Notice Lois in the "moonscape."

As we snowshoed past First Creek, I captured the picture below showing the slope that we often hike up.


The clay is now dominating the face of the dunes, rather than sand.

Notice the huge ice volcano on the right center side of the photo below.  The "caldera" is around 12 to15 feet in diameter!

The photo below documents that there are holes in the ice.  That is why we do not go out onto the ice.

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