Thursday, February 25, 2016

Coast Guard Point Beach Ski

Yesterday the thermometer read in the low 30s, but with a stiff breeze it felt a lot colder.  Despite the wind, exercise partner, Lois Fite, and I skied from the end of Coast Guard Point to First Creek and back.  With the warm temperatures and bright sunshine, as well as the waves, it is amazing how different the beach looked yesterday as compared to a few days ago.  There are sections of the beach where sand is showing, but the rocks at the "high water mark" are still covered in ice.

First, though, here are a few photos I took of the bay and the two brave ice fishermen who have put out their fish shanties.

The following photo shows the shore ice east of town as well as the new breakwall.

Outer harbor lighthouse....

Looking west...


  1. Love the pictures, Karen. You have a good eye for what makes an interesting scene. Virginia