Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Munising Waterfalls

Friend Wendy Lynn and I went to Marquette the other day. She had never seen some of the waterfalls in the Munising area with winter ice build up. First we stopped by the Michigan Nature Association property in Munising to see Memorial Falls. As reported a month or so ago, this property actually has two waterfalls in side-by-side grottoes. The ice on the first falls has already fallen and broken.

To get to the second falls, you have to climb through the hole in the rock.

The ice on the second falls has detached at top, but it is still standing.

To get around the second waterfalls to get some photos, we crawled behind the curtin of ice. That was quite spiritual.

It was steep and slippery climbing out of the area.

Then we went across the street to Munising Falls.

The fourth water falls of the day was Scott Falls, located west of Munising.

On the way to Marquette we noticed how much ice is still hugging shore in the area. The shore ice in Grand Marais is pretty much gone. It must be because the stretch of beach between Munising and Marquette is more protected from the waves.

I am leaving in a little while to go to Kentucky agate hunting. Therefore, there won't be another blog update until I get back. I am going with friends Gerald and Jill. They have been in contact with a guy who is letting us camp on his property and hunt in his river. We are also going to do some fossil hunting in Ohio. The weather looks like it is going to be summer-like.

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