Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winter Sunset and Beach Fire

Yesterday was the warmest day this year. The temperatures reached into the mid-50s with no wind. Rather than snowshoe in the dunes, I decided to venture down the beach to get some exercise. I found the first patch of exposed rock on shore, although the patch was only around 100 feet long. It was so beautiful out that I went and got a couple of friends to join me. Renee, Wendy, and I went back down to the same spot. We each found a rock with some agate in it, but nothing to write home about. We stayed near the First Creek area and watched the sunset. Then we climbed back up the hill and drove down to the boardwalk, where we had the first beach fire of the year. After I was down the beach the first time, I went home to get some firewood, which we carried down past the boardwalk. What a beautiful evening.

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