Friday, March 26, 2010

Sable River -- Part 1

The other day friend Wendy Lynn and I decided to take an usual hike and circumnavigate the Sable River. We started at Sable Lake and walked on the west side of the river. We stayed as close to the river as we could, bushwhacking all the way to Lake Superior. There were a few spots that we were able to follow deer trails, but for the most part we pushed through brush or bent over and "played deer." The hike certainly gave us an appreciation for the river and for Sable Falls. There are a lot of photos so I will include them in two parts.

At places the brush was much thicker than what is shown in this photo.

From the top of the high dune on the west side of the river shown below, I took the picture of Sable Falls.

We hiked back to the car using the path on the east side of the river.

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  1. Hi Karen, nice picture of that good looking deer. Rich A