Friday, May 28, 2010

Log Slide Interpretive Photos and more

Just to finish up the pictures I took during my hike with Clare a couple of days ago, here is a shot of Sable Lake taken from the overlook.

The trail head sign informed us that the trail to the log slide is 2.7 miles. Since we went into the dunes and hiked north through the dunes before going west and walking back the trail, our total distance was over six miles. Of course, a mile of walking in the dunes is worth two miles of walking on a flat trail through the woods.

The trilliums are almost done with their blooms, but other wildflowers are everywhere.

In the last few years they have done a lot more on the Grand Marais end of the national park to add interpretive signs. At the log slide, they even built a building and have displayed a set of the big wheels as well as the logging sleds used 100 years ago to move the timber. The county and township in which Grand Marais is located were named after Alger and Burt, respectively.

Although I cannot see the sun set all the way to the horizon from my house due to trees in the way, you can still see the color over the water.

After watching the sun set, we then watched the full moon rise.

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