Friday, May 21, 2010

More Vermont Photos

Today I'll post the rest of the Vermont photos. First, here is one of my son, Kevin, and my daughter-in-law, Jericho, and their dog, Quincy.

Although most of the covered bridges in Vermont are for cars, there is one right down town for pedestrians. Pictured is my friend, Dianna.

We had some extra time one day, so we drove up one of the mountains surrounding Stowe to visit the von Trapp family lodge. This is the family that the movie Sound of Music was made about.

While hiking one day we came across this snake. It is proof of how warm it was in mid-May.

There are many structures in Vermont that date back hundreds of years. I'm not sure how old this house is, but I like the architecture.

When we flying out of Marquette, we were told about this Russian plane. Apparently, someone did not have full authorization to have the plane, which is a converted military plane from WWII. They needed spare parts and ended up in Marquette. Due to the questionable status, apparently it wasn't allowed to leave. There it sits, mounting up a huge parking bill.

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