Sunday, March 10, 2013

Beach Ski and More

It is exciting that the project is finally launched.  I must admit, though, that I don't know what to do with myself.  Sort of just kidding -- I am not used to having idle time.  I still have a lot of things to do, but I am taking the rest of the weekend off.

As I get questions from people about the Online RockhoundingAdventures that can be accessed from my web page, I will answer the questions in the Recent News located with the adventures, as well as on this blog.

I had a question last night about what future adventures may involve.  This participant was trying to decide whether to purchase the pilot program version of Adventures 1 and 2 for $20, or whether to purchase the Full Subscription for $75.

The $20 option pays for the pilot launch version of Adventures 1 and 2, the soon to be released Play Time Quizzes for these adventures, and all future updates of this 640x480 size version.  People who purchase the $20 option will have to upgrade to access the wide-screen versions of Adventures 1 and 2 as well as all future adventures.  Those who upgrade will get the new versions and new adventures at a discount.  The $75 option pays for all current and future adventures, all versions of these adventures, and all corresponding Play Time Quizzes. 

I have not made a final decision about the next rock that I will feature in Adventure 3, but it most likely will be something from Hawaii. The end of April I am taking the trip of my life. With credit card miles and the generosity of friends of mine who are providing a place to stay, it is almost a free trip. It will be fun to develop a segment about Hawaiian geology.

As for other future adventures, here are some candidates:
--Petrified Wood (Arizona)
--Fairburn Agate (South Dakota)
--Kentucky Agate
--Montana Moss or Dryhead Agate (or both in one adventure)
--Oregon Thunder Egg

If things go well, I am hoping to publish 2 to 3 adventures per year for the next several years.  Each adventure will be designed to feature the local geology and target rock, so the subject of the different segments will vary from adventure to adventure. Each new adventure will be 4 to 5 segments long. I am even hoping to do some international rocks, but the "project" has to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of these trips. I will also listen to suggestions from participants about rocks they would like to see featured.

Beach Ski
Since temperatures have been in the 30s, the snow on the regular ski trails has been sticky.  So instead I have been skiing the beach, which is one of my favorite things to do.  There are no hills (which I love) but it is glorious to ski next to the icebergs.  Below is a photo of my friend, Sandee, as well pictures of a deer we saw on the beach, an iceberg, and the teepee.

A few days ago I took some photos of the snow on the south side of my house, plus the sunset.
Last Thursday I attended the school play.  Students, staff, and teachers worked together to put on a terrific production of Romeo and Juliet

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