Wednesday, March 13, 2013

School Forest Snowshoe -- Post 1

Yesterday was our weekly snowshoe and it was my turn to select the route and make the food.  I decided that we should try to follow Grand Marais Creek to where it junctions the Sucker River and then follow the Sucker River to the lakeshore.  Well, it took longer than we expected so we didn't make it the whole way and had to double back.

The winter river is just beautiful.

Since we have recently snowshoed on both sides of H58, we noticed that the ecosystem and tree species are different.  On the north side of H58 there are more pines.
Since I've never before walked next to the river the whole way, I have never noticed how cool the bridge is over the river.
In addition to pines, there are also white birch.
As usual, Jamey with his vast knowledge of the woods noticed these otter holes.
Shelf fungi....
It was a gorgeous snowshoe...
Jamey and Lois...
I received a request to have Jamey and Lois take a photo of me ... here it is.

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