Thursday, October 17, 2013

Final Garden Photos, DVD is done, New Restaurant, Dune Hike

Sorry about not posting any blog photos this past couple of days, but I dedicated all my time and energy into finishing the How to Find Agates DVD.  It is done!  I must admit that I am happy with the final product.  The total running time is 47 minutes.  The eleven segments use over 700 photos to teach my new method of how to find agates.  I have been making copies of the DVD on my computer and will be shipping out copies to those who pre-ordered the DVD in the next few days.

Now that we have temperatures in the low 30s, Jamey, Lois, and I decided to do the final garden harvest the other day.  In total we grew 215 pounds of tomatoes as well as the other produce.  It has been a great year for growing vegetables in Grand Marais.  That is not always the case, so we are grateful.

Tomato man...

The progress on the new restaurant being built down town Grand Marais has been amazing.

The other night I took an hour to go on a hike.  I parked at the Masse trail head pull out, and walked up the trail into the dunes.  When I arrived back to the car, there was a photocopied piece of paper under my windshield wiper saying that the "facility" is closed due to the government shutdown.  Since when is a forest a "facility"?  I'm wondering since the park rangers were on furlough, who was distributing these flyers.  I'm glad the battle in Washington is over for now, but I'm also glad that I ignored the shutdown and went hiking anyway.

The bear have been busy getting ready for hibernation.

Moon rising...

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