Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter Beach Walk

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone.  Thanks to Lois and Jamey for inviting me for dinner last night.  Here is the great veggie platter that Lois put together.

Winter has definitely arrived in Grand Marais.  A couple of days ago Lois and met at First Creek and walked west down the beach to the teepee.  It was VERY windy and cold. 

Notice the chunks of rock and ice.  These are what remain of a shelf of ice that formed and subsequently was broken up by the waves. 

 The shelf of ice below has survived the waves.

There is much more driftwood on the beach after the last storm.  Many of these trees were not here a week or so ago.

Lots of pine cones...

The teepee...


The last storm broke up this dead beach and knocked down a branch, which took out part of the railing.

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