Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Late Fall Beach Fire

The other day friends, Jamey and Lois, and I decided to have a late fall beach fire.  Due to the recent storms, there is a lot of driftwood on the beach.  So this time we decided to stay in town and went down to First Creek.

We were not sure if the last storm took out the teepee, located west of Sable River between there and the Log Slide.  So I zoomed in with my camera and there it was:  it is still standing.

When we arrived down the beach, there was a group of people making another one just west of First Creek.  We were not sure if it is a teepee, or a pile ready to torch.

The last storm deposited a lot of rock on our beach.  It is nice when that happens since most big storms undertow rocks back into the lake.

A freighter traveled by going east to west.

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  1. Really nice pictures and the freighter one is so special with those lights glowing. Nice you got out in nature. Enjoyed my town walks yesterday and today, and even went on a bike ride east yesterday -- so - life is good for all of us.Virginny :)