Tuesday, December 29, 2015

School Forest to Lake Superior hike

Yesterday I wanted to continue rehabbing my knee.  My friend, Lois, and I parked at the bridge in the School Forest and walked the roads to the bluff at Goebel Beach.   The erosion has continued.  Now the bluff is cantilevered even more and the bluff is nearly vertical, so it would be impossible to get down to the beach and then back up to the bluff. 

Red pines in school forest.....

The bluff, which is 30-40 feet above the beach.

Don't get too close Lois!

Using my camera's zoom function, I captured this photo of ice on driftwood.

Looking straight down the bluff.....

Apparently the new owners of Sportsman's Restaurant assessed the integrity of the foundation and supporting structure of the building and deemed it too expensive to fix.  It appears that they are removing all the usable items, tearing the building down, and building a new structure.  We hear that they are going to re-orient the new building to be facing the bay with large windows.  They hope to be open by June or July.  I wish them luck.  I am sure building in Grand Marais in the winter is a challenge.

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