Friday, March 4, 2016

Beach Ski and More

First, an update on the Grand Marais history book:  I have written 85 pages so far and am up to the 1820s.  Like all my books, this has been quite the process.  I am very happy with the progress and hope to be done writing the first draft by the end of the month.  After that I have to transfer the Microsoft Word document into publishing software, during which I'll edit and create the second draft.  Then there is editing, with the help of my friends and relatives and preparation of the third draft.  But so far, the project is going better than I expected!

For the past two days there has been a fish shanty in our bay that fell through the ice.  This will be tough to get out.

Yesterday Lois and I skied the beach from the boardwalk past First Creek and back.  The last blizzard piled up more ice, including by the outer harbor lighthouse.

The shore ice mounds are taller this week:  around 50-60 feet off the water (at least).

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