Friday, January 22, 2021

Sable Dunes Hike

 OK, OK. I will admit it. I have been so singly focused on writing the new book I have completely ignored my blog. After a phone call yesterday from a devoted blog follower letting me know I have not posted since the end of November, it is time to catch up with posting. 

As for the book, it is going very well. I have completed the second draft of the text. I have also scoured all my own photographs as well as Wiki Commons images to find photographs of the 30 rocks I am covering in the book. My working title is following the trend started by my "big agate book:" Rocks Inside Out. A few days ago I started taking photos of beach rocks I have collected as well as some from the museum. I will include a separate post describing the interesting technique I learned to take photos of rocks.

As for today's post, the pictures are from a hike I took on December 10th with my friend, Helen, from Marquette. We started at Sable Lake, hiked across the Grand Sable Dunes to the bluff where we had a picnic, and back.

Sable Lake.....

Path up into the dunes....

There was just a bit of ice on Sable Lake. For December 10th, it is amazing there was no snow.

Up, up, and up into the dunes.

Helen and I are two of the three people in a hiking club we started. Helen is the maker and the keeper of our flag.

Hel for Helen, Kar for Karen, and Cia for Marcia:  Helkarcia. We consider the Grand Sable Dunes to be our homeland.

Picnic spot...

Around 100 feet off the bluff we spotted a blown piece of wood.

Looking straight down the bluff.

Looking East....

Looking West....

Heading back toward Sable Lake....

I hiked the valley; Helen hiked the ridge. I will admit for the photo below I used a new feature on Photoshop called sky replacement. In the original picture the sky was gray. It is amazing how easy the sky replacement was.

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