Saturday, January 23, 2021

School forest hike, waves, and Sable River

Today I will continue playing catch up with pictures from adventures and hikes over the last month or so. This post has pictures from a hike I took with my friend, Barb, in the school forest. There was not yet snow, but we hiked the ski trail. There are also a few pictures I took from my car at the end of Coast Guard Point. We had winds up to 60 MPH so I did not try to get out of the car. Finally, there are a couple of pictures taken of Sable River.

School forest hike....

We decided the two trees below are "in love."

Chimney in the school forest...

Tee box in the disc golf course.

Coast Guard point....

Sable River....

Friday, January 22, 2021

Sable Dunes Hike

 OK, OK. I will admit it. I have been so singly focused on writing the new book I have completely ignored my blog. After a phone call yesterday from a devoted blog follower letting me know I have not posted since the end of November, it is time to catch up with posting. 

As for the book, it is going very well. I have completed the second draft of the text. I have also scoured all my own photographs as well as Wiki Commons images to find photographs of the 30 rocks I am covering in the book. My working title is following the trend started by my "big agate book:" Rocks Inside Out. A few days ago I started taking photos of beach rocks I have collected as well as some from the museum. I will include a separate post describing the interesting technique I learned to take photos of rocks.

As for today's post, the pictures are from a hike I took on December 10th with my friend, Helen, from Marquette. We started at Sable Lake, hiked across the Grand Sable Dunes to the bluff where we had a picnic, and back.

Sable Lake.....

Path up into the dunes....

There was just a bit of ice on Sable Lake. For December 10th, it is amazing there was no snow.

Up, up, and up into the dunes.

Helen and I are two of the three people in a hiking club we started. Helen is the maker and the keeper of our flag.

Hel for Helen, Kar for Karen, and Cia for Marcia:  Helkarcia. We consider the Grand Sable Dunes to be our homeland.

Picnic spot...

Around 100 feet off the bluff we spotted a blown piece of wood.

Looking straight down the bluff.

Looking East....

Looking West....

Heading back toward Sable Lake....

I hiked the valley; Helen hiked the ridge. I will admit for the photo below I used a new feature on Photoshop called sky replacement. In the original picture the sky was gray. It is amazing how easy the sky replacement was.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Sable Falls Hike

Yesterday was unfortunately the first Thanksgiving in my life I spent by myself.  Due to Covid, the isolation was self inflicted.  I woke up early at 5:30am and started writing.  I finished the research for my new book a few days ago.  It feels good to be writing again. This newest book is based off the Gitche Gumee Beach Rock Identification Guide I published several years ago.  The book will cover the 22 rocks listed in the guide.  There will be a chapter for each rock written from the perspective of the rock.

My sons, their families, and I had a Zoom get together late morning and then I started cooking.  I love Thanksgiving dinner, so I cooked it all -- for me, myself, and I.  Now I have lots of leftovers to feed me as I focus my energies on being a writer.

First, in the morning when I was working on the book, I noticed a large Barred Owl fly across my yard into a tree the other side of the driveway. 

My turkey.  It came out great!

I started the hike around 4:00pm.  After parking, I headed toward the steps and went down to the bottom of the boardwalk.  Then to get more exercise, I went up the steps and back down.  The second time I rewarded myself by continuing down the path to the beach.  I did not see another human.

The erosion at the end of the path is still out of control.  The park service tried to install the rope/log steps to help people to get down to the beach.  They did not last long.

People are making their own path to get to the beach, to the west of the original path.