Monday, October 15, 2018

Fall Colors and More

This weekend I spent time with my uncle and aunt as well as with friends, Catherine and Tom O'Brien.  With my uncle and aunt we did a fall color tour into the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

The first bridge on the trail from Sable Visitors' Center to Sable Falls is broken off on one end.  It is just resting on dirt, but is not real stable.

The flow rate over Sable Falls looks more like spring melt flow rate than it does the usual fall flow rate.

 Catherine and Tom....

Recent storms have eroded the entire beach at the mouth of Sable River.  The storm surge and waves were washing up to the bottom of the bluff, so we could not even get down to the beach!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Craig Lake Hike

This week I was supposed to celebrate the end of the museum's season by going on a three day backpack in the Pictured Rocks with my friend, Helen Riley.  However, the weather did not cooperate so we had one day to go on a hike.  Neither of us had ever hiked Craig Lake, so we went for it.  This park is one of the most isolated in the state's park system.  It is located a little over an hour west of Marquette and is accessed by a seven mile long dirt road off of US41.

Fall colors on the drive from Marquette as well as in the park were near peak.  Just beautiful!

The previous night we had a tornado watch.  Nothing developed, but the wind did knock trees down.  We had to move the tree shown below off of the access road ourselves.

Getting begin the temperature was only 34 degrees!

Awesome shelf fungi that looks like a carnelian agate!

The forest floor was almost as colorful as the forest canopy!

First rest stop of only a few minutes.

Thankfully there were some fairly new bridges over some of the rivers crossing the trail.

There were boulders of all sizes!

Weird fungi....


Lunch spot.....

Lunch included sandwiches made by Helen's husband, Jimmy, as well as Fritos and cookies.

Craig Lake views....

End of the trail....

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Lake Superior Storm

Last Friday we had one heck of a storm in Grand Marais.  Power was out for several hours.  Trees were down everywhere.  I'm not sure how big the waves were, but some had to be over 15 feet.

The out houses at Agate Beach could not withstand the wind.

Next we drove down to the end of Coast Guard Point...

Finally we checked out the waves from the end of Cemetery Road....