Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hikes and Sunsets

Since I didn't get much of a chance to enjoy the summer during June, July, and August, I have taken a few days this month. After the Mackinac Bridge walk, I camped with friends at 12 Mile Beach for a couple of nights. Here are a few shots taken of the beach, hike on the nature trail above the campground, and the sunsets. While taking photos of the giant bee hive, sure enough, my friend Marsha was stung. I guess the 3 of us surrounding the hive taking pictures was a little too much.

Last Sunday, I walked from the Log Slide to Sable Falls with my friend, Kim. It was a glorious hike.

A couple of nights ago, we had one of the best sunsets I've seen in a long time. Since I was busy working on art at my house, I didn't take the time to go down to the beach to get a shot from the lake's edge. These shots were taken from my front porch.


  1. Karen, we always miss you when we come to Grand Marais because you take your vacation the same time we take ours, so I am delighted to find your blog. If you visit mine, "Books in Northport," you'll find several entries with pictures of Grand Marais. Perhaps one day our paths will cross not only virtually but actually.

  2. Sorry to have missed you. Maybe next time....