Friday, October 30, 2009

Baseball Tiebreak Game

After we left the Cranberry Festival Show, on our way to agate hunting, my friend, Jill, asked me how far Minneapolis is to our favorite gravel pit. You see, we are both Tigers fans and Detroit played the Twins in a one-game play off to determine the winner of their division. When we realized it was only a 2 hour drive, we went on the Internet for tickets. It was not an easy task, but we were successful. Good thing we purchased tickets in advance, since the game sold out. That means that more than 54,000 tickets sold in less than 2 days.

Our seats were in the upper deck, behind the left field foul pole. I have never been to a baseball game inside a dome before. It certainly seemed like an intimate setting -- very loud, at least when the Twins executed a good play. When the Tigers did so, we were the only ones cheering. In total, we only saw a few other Tiger fans.

Although Detroit lost the game, it was a terrific game to watch -- going into the 12th inning. It was also interesting to attend one of the last baseball games to be played in the Metrodome. The Twins had another playoff game at the stadium against the Yankees, who swept them in the best of 5 playoff. Next year, the Twins will be playing in a new outdoor stadium.

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