Friday, August 28, 2015

Road Construction in front of Museum, Sea Plane, and White Crane

I must admit that as the summer has wound down this past couple of weeks, I have not had as much energy to take care of all the things in my life -- such as this blog.  In September I will have more time and energy since the museum's hours will shorten to the shoulder month schedule.  In September the museum will be open daily from 2-5pm except Saturdays from noon to 5pm. 

If you visit the museum during the next week or so, please be advised that the county is repaving the road in front of the museum.  They are still putting down gravel and re-contouring the street.  In the end the repaved road will not flood the way it has since the new water system was installed, but it will be a construction zone in the mean time.  The museum will be open, but you may want to park around the corner on the side streets located either east or west of the museum.  Please call 906-494-3000 during museum hours for more information.

The photos below show the construction in progress....

Last night I went and visited friends, Carol and Len, who live up on top of the hill above town.  The first photo below is of the inner harbor lighthouse.

Then we heard a sea plane taking off.  I was able to get a few photos...

While we were talking, a white crane flew overhead and landed in a tree.  I am not sure if I have seen this large bird in Grand Marais before.

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