Saturday, January 7, 2017

Local Grand Marais Basketball Game

When my two boys were in school I went to all the basketball games.  Even after they graduated, I went to the games for a while.  But as the years went on and I didn't really know the kids, I stopped going and instead concentrated on working on my projects.  But last night I decided to go.  We played Paradise.  Both schools have a very small student enrollment.  I believe both student bodies from K-12 are less than 30 students.  So to have enough players the participants must be in 7th grade and can include both boys and girls.  I was happy to see that the boys on the teams did pass the ball to the girls.  Grand Marais won decisively, but both teams played hard and did very well.  Congrats to all the players!

In the hallway upstairs along the upper wall there are photos of all the graduating classes.  Below are the pictures of both my kids' classes.  Jonathan had a class of 7; Kevin had a class of 9.  Back then the school had around 80 total students.

I sat upstairs with friends and took this picture of my friend, Renee, who was sitting downstairs across the gym.

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