Saturday, August 5, 2017

November weather in August

Yesterday was a bizarre weather day.  Although it is early August, yesterday felt more like November.  It was cool -- in the low 50s -- with sustained winds around 20mph and gusts up to 40mph.  There was a rip tide warning all day, so hopefully everyone stayed out of the waves.  I went for a quick drive with friends to check out the waves.

First we stopped at the end of Cemetery Road.  The waves were crashing on the big lake beach, the other side of the Sucker River.

Two sail boats were at the marina, taking refuge from the storm.

The waves were crashing against the break wall at the end of Coast Guard Point.  Some tourists were leaning against the break wall, including small children.  This is not at all safe.

Some repairs have been made to the break wall.

Friends, Jamey and Lois, went with me to check out the waves.  When I picked them up, I captured a few photos of their beautiful yard at the Agate Cross B&B.

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