Monday, August 20, 2018

Grand Sable Dunes adventure

Yesterday I went on a longer than expected hike on the south side of the Grand Sable dunes. We accessed the dunes via the Masse Homestead trail. After walking down the trail around 12 minutes, there is a path into the dunes. We then circled east and tried to walk along the edge of the dunes back to a dune above where we parked. I've done this hike many, many times. However, since we were limited in time, we tried to take a short cut through a finger of trees. We were never really lost since we knew what direction we were hiking, but we got caught in a very rugged, densely forested old dune formation with lots of steep ups and downs. An hour hike turned into a 2.5 hour hike. We finally just headed south back to H-58 and exited the forest less than a quarter mile from our car. A quick hike turned into a tough challenging adventure. Thanks to Marcia O'Brien for having a positive attitude about the adventure.

Fall colors have started....

This was the last photo I took before we tried taking "a short cut."

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