Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Madison area photos

This past weekend I visited my son and his family in the Madison, WI area.  I absolutely enjoy spending time with my granddaughter!

On Saturday we went to the Farmers' Market.  The vendors set up around the capital square.  Of course, we had to go into the incredibly beautiful capital building.  If you are ever in Madison, make sure you stop by and check out this treasure!  Many types of rock were used to decorate the building.

Looking straight up.....

We went to a natural spring located just down the road from my son's neighborhood.

My granddaughter has been taking swimming lessons since she was six months old!

My son hiked with me to the top of the Mount Vernon overlook.

Sandhill cranes hanging out in the area...

This area is located on the edge of the "driftless area."  This is an area where there were never any glaciers.

Kevin went fly fishing, and I continued hiking down to another natural spring.

Watercress plants under water....

Dogs patiently waiting for the fisherman.

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