Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Fall Dune Hike

It was cloudy yesterday but warm with temperatures in the low 50s. With friends yesterday we walked from Sable Lake across the dunes to the Lake Superior shoreline, and then east to the Ghost Forest, before heading to the foot bridge and back the trail to Sable Visitors Center, and back to Sable Lake.

After leaving the parking lot, we noticed four piles of pine cones neatly organized under a pine tree. We figured that it must have been a squirrel's winter supply.  Here is a picture of one of the piles.

With a pattern of freezing and thawing, combined with the intense winds we have had, the dunes are starting to get carved up.

The original ghost forest closer to Sable Falls is all but gone.  However, farther into the dunes there is still an intact ghost forest.  These tree remains are thousands of years old.

As we approached the ghost forest, we noticed a freighter coming our way.

The winds off the lake are starting to blow out the ghost forest area.  This blow out will eventually take out the ancient tree remains.

More ghost forest shots.....

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