Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Madison -- and Golf??????

I arrived in Madison, WI mid-day yesterday. My son and his wife flew into Milwaukee and were picked up by his father-in-law, Mike. As I was driving down the highway still a bit away from Madison, there were Kevin and Jericho leaning out of the car window. That made it easy to follow them in and be escorted to a house that I have never been to before.

Mike bought a house last year that is on a golf course. After watching the Lions loose, unfortunately, to the Green Bay Packers -- we went and played around on the golf course for a couple of holes. I must admit that I have never golfed on Thanksgiving before. Here are a few photos I took to document the experience. I hope everyone in the USA had a great Thanksgiving day.

Since it was 50 degrees out yesterday, I got a kick out of this sign on one of the golf course's ponds.

This is the view of the lady's tee box on the third hole from Mike's back yard.

Cattails along the pond.

A couple of group shots.  By the time we went out, temps were in the 40s with a stiff wind.  Thus, the chill factor was in the 30s.  We were dressed warm for our outing.

Me keeping my head down.  Notice the incredible house in the background. 

My daughter-in-law, Jericho.

My son, Kevin.  He had the best form.

The sun was going down.

I just threw in this extra shot.  It a bridge I drove over in my travels. 

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