Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School Forest North Country Trail Hike

If I didn't know better, yesterday I would have swore it was mid-September instead of early November. It was warm (mid-50s), sunny and a beautiful day to hike. This time I headed east and hiked from the bridge in the Burt Township School Forest to the Lake Superior shoreline down the North Country Trail.  Follow the blue dotted trail.....

When I hike, I try to pay attention to the larger vistas, as well as the little micro scenes.

This section of the North Country Trail goes through different forest ecosystems as well as along ancient dunal formations.

I'm not sure how long the hike is -- probably around three miles.  It is like a reward to finally reach the shore.  Yesterday the color of the lake was summer-like-blue.  The waves seemed to patiently roll in with six foot curls.

I took more time to examine the log that is sticking horizontally right out of the sand bank.  It must have been buried in the sand, which was eroded away by recent storms. 

I had to get back home to get some work done, but I bet there are some nice agates among the large rocks left stranded on the beach by the last storm.


  1. Beautiful post! May I have permission to use an excerpt and link back here from northcountrytrailnews.blogspot.com ?


  2. Sharkbytes -- Yes you may use an excerpt and link. Thanks, Karen