Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lake Superior August Beach -- Post 3

I didn't get to post photos to my blog early this morning since I had a family who hired me to teach the agate/rockhounding class.  One of the teenagers did well:  she found two agates!

While I have a few minutes in the museum between customers, I will try to post the remainder of the photos from the beach excursion I did the other night with Jamey and Lois Fite.

Looking east there is more beach, rock, and driftwood.

Looking west there is erosion and devastation.

In places there was a lot of black sand.  This is the sand that people are using to pan for gold.  They are finding flakes, but it takes a lot of panning to get any gold at all.

You had to be careful where you stepped since the waves have covered up some of the hollow pockets with sand.  These are definitely ankle breakers.

The large Lake Superior waves carve out the bottom of the dune bluff, and the top falls down making these escarpments.

In the bluff escarpments there are bands of rocks.

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