Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lake Superior Weather

For those of you who have visited the Upper Peninsula, you know how changeable the weather is. This past two days proved it. On both days I had appointments for the rockhounding/agate class with field trip option. Friday was sunny and in the low 70s with light and variable winds. Saturday was in the mid 30s with off-and-on snow and winds gusting to well over 50 mph. The class yesterday was a very hardy 4H group from Newberry. Since the wind was from the west, it was almost impossible to walk into the wind. The sandblasting was more than you can take. It not only hurt any exposed skin, but I was afraid that the sand would etch my new glasses. It was an adventure.

I was afraid to take my camera into the sand storm, so the wintry day pictures I took at the museum, where the wind was wicked but there was no blowing sand. The photo I took Friday was at a beach east of town.

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