Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip Down State

I arrived home last night from the long two-week trip. I actually was home for one night last Thursday, but didn't get a chance to post a blog update since I was only home for one evening. My travels started with the All-Nighters' weekend on Mackinaw Island. This was the 22nd year that our group of women got together. Pictured below are a few pictures of our group and the island. Great fun was had by all.

Next, I headed to Lansing where I met with friends and dropped off product. A friend had asked me to buy high-end minerals for her in Tucson. It was quite the responsibility, so I was thrilled that Lynette liked all of the minerals that I selected. She and her friend, Joan, invited other friends over that night as well as the next morning for impromptu Gitche Gumee Gatherings. Pictured below are some of the minerals I purchased for Lynette. If anyone else is interested in buying high-end specimens, please let me know. I am planning on taking orders for next year's Tucson show.

After Lansing I drove to Holland, MI. I spent a wonderful day with my sister, Diana. We went to Windmill Park and also took a few walks in local parks to look at the Tulips. That night I spoke at the Holland Tulip Gem and Mineral Club. The club allowed me to set up and sell some of my product and seemed to enjoy my agate talk. Pictured below are a few of the shots taken while in Holland. I was very impressed with the working windmill. It is the only windmill purchased from the country of Holland and reconstructed in the United States.

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