Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Flowers to balance the work...

Since the music festival, it has been nothing but work. That is OK: I am actually enjoying worknig the museum and conducting the lectures and classes. August certainly is in full swing. I have had many private classes with more to come in the next week or so. Plus, I'm leaving tomorrow to spend the next few days in Paradise. I'll be speaking at the Paradise Library at 6:30 on Wednesday (8/19). On Friday, I'll have a booth set up at the Shipwreck Museum. On Saturay, I'll be teaching the agate class there. The morning class is just about full, but there is still room in the afternoon class, which will run from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. The class fee is $15 per person. Contact information is on the webpage www.agatelady.com. Scroll down the homepage to the list of shows and other events until you find the Shipwreck Museum listing.

Since I've done nothing but work this past week, I have not even had time to hike or go on any adventures. I have been enjoying my garden. The pumpkin flowers are amazing. This is the first year I put up a deer fence, so it is nice to enjoy the pumpkin flowers that this year are not being eaten by the deer. I've also enjoyed all the vegtables. Although the growing season was delayed, everything is coming ripe now.

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