Friday, December 4, 2009

First Real Snow Fall

I was up late last night finishing data input for the agate book. Yea! But I also had to get up by 5:30 this morning to get everything done before leaving for my last art show of the year, in Marquette. Of course it was still dark out side. When I turned on my porch light to check the temperature, I had a surprising awakening. We were in the midst of a white out with over 5 inches of snow already on the ground! The winds have now shifted more westerly, so the Keweenaw is getting nailed as we speak. Currently, the sign is actually out. That should help my drive to Marquette. I'll be leaving shortly to make sure I have plenty of time to set up for the show in the Superior Dome, which starts tonight from 5-9pm.

Below are a few quick shots that I took before finishing my last minute details. For those of you who remember the photo I had on the web page last winter ( wherein the drift was all the way up to the roof -- the first shot is the same angle. I'll be repeating this shot over the course of the winter so you can watch the snow pile up. The second shot is looking north. You can see the lake effect clouds. The third shot is looking east from my house at some of my evergreen trees. Maybe I'll be able to cross country ski soon!

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