Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Wisconsin photos plus Queensland Agates

Today's photo postings will include a variety of things. First is a picture of part of my booth at Art in the Park in Wausau, WI.

While staying with my sister, Sandra, we walked down to visit her neighbor. I had never seen soy beans up close. If you ask me there is a beauty regarding a healthy field of any crop. Apparently the farmers do not harvest the soybeans until they have a moisture level of 15%.

Sandra's neighbors had this pumpkin display.

Art in the Park sponsored a butterfly release. My sister, Sandra, paid the $1.00 fee to release this Monarch.

I received an email and a book order from my first Australian customer. John Nedwich sent me these pictures of some of the agates he found in Agate Creek, located in Queensland, Australia. Thanks, John, for allowing me to post these pictures. They are terrific agates.

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