Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sable Lake at Dusk

I arrived home last night after exhibiting my mineral art at a show in Wausau, WI. Thanks to my sister, Sandra, and her husband, Mark, for their help and hospitality.

Before I left for the show, I went for a short walk around the cove near the overlook parking area on Sable Lake. The previous Friday on September 3rd, an early fall storm plummeted the area. The weather measuring equipment in town clocked a top wind speed of 72 mph, although other weather stations in the upper peninsula recorded winds of 84 mph. A lot of trees were blown down including a large maple tree that broke some of the windows in the local school. Here are a couple of shots of broken trees next to Sable Lake.

Although it was just a short hike around the cove located west of the overlook parking area, it was a beautiful and photogenic walk.

Before I left I decided to give my cats some catnip from the garden. Here is a shot of Ramses guarding his, so my other cat, Lucky Jed, wouldn't snatch it.

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