Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mason Show -- Post 3

One fun aspect of exhibiting my mineral art at shows is that people come by my booth to show me agates. Robert from Stockbridge came by with a couple of trays of Lake Superior eye agates.

This looks like a hand-polished Lake Superior eye agate. But it is not. It is an eye agate found by Shirley Schadle who now lives in Grand Rapids, but who is originally from Zambia. Her husband, Richard, sent me this photo of one of the eye agates she found at Victoria Falls in Zambia. I've also included a photo of the falls as well as a map of Zambia. More photos of the Zambia agates and an explanation of why they look polished will appear on my next web page update, which should be posted in the next week or so at

Here are some more photos of scenes from the Mason show including some displays, dealer rocks for sale, kid's area, flint knapping and other demonstrations.

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