Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Grand Marais Snow

Almost every year we have an April fools day, or there abouts, snow storm. Yesterday we actually had every type of precipitation, including a couple of inches of snow. Friends from Grand Rapids (Gerald, Jill and their dog Bruce) are up staying in the place they just purchased. We drove around to look at the snow. We drove out to Sable Lake so they could see it ice covered for the first time.

Remember the photos a couple of days ago with all the sand showing in the dunes along Sable Lake? At least for now, it looks like winter again.

There are a lot of deer living in and around town right now. These we saw by Sable Falls.

A couple of shots taken at the end of Coast Guard Point.

Snow on the apple trees lining my driveway.

The beach in front of Woodland Park is again snow covered.

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