Saturday, April 2, 2011

School Forest Ski

I thought the weather yesterday was supposed to be cloudy, but we squeezed in one more day of sunshine. So I decided to ski out to the lakeshore through the school forest. Burt Township School in Grand Marais has the largest school forest in the country with about 1600 acres. The School is currently looking to build upon the school forest program by encouraging outdoor activities for the students. The school forest director is working with community members and students to improve the hiking and ski trails, with better markers and signs and trail maintenance -- including part of the North Country Trail. They are also beginning the process of securing funds for an "outdoor classroom" which will be built on the site of the old "chimney" as well as building a disk golf course.

Part of the road just beyond the school forest on the way to the Lake Superior shoreline. From H58 I think it is around a three mile ski to the lake's bluff.

The ice is starting to break up under the bridge in the center of the school forest.

And then there is the beautiful iceberg and driftwood rugged beach.....

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