Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grand Sable Dunes Hike

Yesterday I worked on "the project" all day. Over the last six weeks of producing movie clips I have learned a lot. Since I have to in most cases work with three different types of software to create and then convert the files, issues developed with the ends of the movie clips. I figured out a way to avoid this issue, so I had to re-do the ends of all the videos that I have made. That took all day.

So for today's blog posting, here are a few shots I took in a dune hike. We have around four inches of snow on the ground. Even though the wind is from the south and the southern U.P. is getting hit this morning with lake effect snow off Lake Michigan, it is actually snowing big flakes right now in Grand Marais. Sometimes it is amazing how far inland the lake effect snow machine will work.

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