Thursday, November 21, 2013

Progress on New Grand Marais Restaurant and More

For today's posting, I'll include a few miscellaneous photos.

 I am sure that Tim Swift, who is building the new restaurant, is glad that he got the building enclosed before the recent storms hit Grand Marais.  It is a nice building.  First the front facing Main Street...

The back facing the bay....

During the last wind storm, the barge crew was not able to properly anchor the dredging platform.  Throughout the storm the tug had to keep moving the platform to a place of safety.

Yesterday Lois and I climbed up and down Sable Falls steps three times.  On the last time, we hiked all the way to the beach.

I was astonished to see how much more the bluff eroded.  First, the picture I took the other day showing the corner of the bluff that is next to the mouth of Sable River...

Here is what it looked like yesterday.  It is hard to tell in a two dimensional photo just how much sand caved in, but it was a lot.

One of the days when we were walking with Jamey and Lois's dogs, I got this picture of Bear running.  He was a happy dog.


  1. Is the new restaurant where the old ice cream place was, next to the hardware store?

    1. No, the new restaurant is across the street from the new outfitters, next to the Post Office Museum.