Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sable River, Agates, and More

After being sick, yesterday was the first day I felt well enough to head out for a snowshoe.  Lois and I started at Sable Visitors' Center, snowshoed to the footbridge near Sable Falls, and then walked along side the cross country ski trail back to the car.  I must admit that the snowshoe took everything I had.  The snow was deep!It seemed more like February than December.

Because of the incredible cold weather we have had (I hear it is the coldest December in 35 years for our area), ice is building up along the sides of the river.

There is a worldwide agate group on Facebook.  Here are a few of the cool photos posted in the last few days.

Lake Superior agates...

This Scottish agate looks like a lake....

And of course I have to include an updated photo of my almost 7 month old grandson, Keenen.

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