Wednesday, December 11, 2013

School Forest Snowshoe and Frozen Bay

Yesterday was the coldest day in Grand Marais in a few years.  When I woke, the thermometer outside my house read nine degrees below zero!  By the afternoon, temps increased to the teens so Lois and I decided to snowshoe the school forest.  While I was in Marquette, a lake effect band set up over Grand Marais and we have nearly two feet of new snow.

We parked just off H58 and snowshoed down the school forest road.  Notice Lois's dog, Bear, in the road ahead of us in the picture below.

The Sucker River at the bridge in the School Forest....

One way to gauge snow depth is to look at how high the snow is piled on top of large downed trees.

Clumps of snow everywhere...

The wide bend of the Sucker River.  This is the first place that my kids ever caught fish.

Grand Marais Bay is starting to freeze over....

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